Victoria Yeates to star in new original play at The Other Palace

The renowned actress will step into the shoes of a mentally abused patient filled with remorse for something she didn’t do. Directed by Scott Le Crass, this venture is only one of the several upcoming project of The Salon Company, which specializes in bringing unknown and acclaimed artists together to create and reimagine stage works.

There are only two kinds of insanity: the one that separates us from reality and the one that reality inflicts upon us. Who determines what’s sound and what’s crazy? Could it be that what sometimes is deemed mad may only be fear towards misunderstanding what we don’t know? Or even… could it all be the wicked result of a malevolent plan to turn a victim into the executioner? Victoria Yeates (Fantastic Beasts 2 and 3, Call The Midwife) may have the answer to those uncanny questions, as next month, she’ll be turning herself into a secluded woman in an asylum…

The Salon presents Wormholes, a new drama revolving a mental patient stuck in remorse and guilt about something she did not do – but actually was done. As she realises all of her fellow inmates remind her of different stages of her life, we’ll discover that her real malady is nothing but the outcome of domestic abuse. A mirror so many people (men, women and even children) can certainly (and sadly) look themselves at…Directed by Scott Le Crass (Rose with Maureen Lipman), the cast and creative team are completed by Emily Jupp (playwrigh), Dollie Henry MBE (founder of the internationally acclaimed dance company BOP), with her principal ballerina, Sheriya Clement-Pascall, offering an original short work and music by folk singer Lynn Collier.

Founded in the beginning of this year, The Salon company seeks out to promote new artists while combining with well-renowned performers and creatives and also revising old material. We bring the arts together – rediscover great works and uncover the unsung”, says Artistic Director Keith Mitchell. Its previous credits include The Einstein Letter (written and directed by internationally renowned playwright, Nicky Silver and starring Sara Kestelman and Victoria Yeates), a new adaptation of Ibsen’s Ghosts by Keith Merrill with Alan Cox and Emma McDonald both at The Other Palace and Entertaining Mr. Sloane (featuring Harriet Thorpe and Alan Cox), among others. Apart from this new venture, the team has several more upcoming projects, such as Affairs To Remember starring Luke Baker (Jamie) at The Pheasantry on October 12th and a new adaptation of Ionesco’s Rhinoceros, directed by Scott Schwartz (Prince of Egypt, Dominion).

Wormholes will play on Friday October 14th and Saturday October 15th at 8pm. Tickets are available on the following link.

By Guillermo Nazara

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