The stage version of ‘Prince of Egypt’ to open in London for a limited run

One of the most acclaimed films in the History of animation will come as musical to the West End next year – after its first perfomances in the USA and Denmark. With music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, this production will include 10 new songs specifically written for the show, which will be played at the Dominion Theatre for 32 exclusive weeks.

There can be miracles, if you believe… Well, maybe we must keep feeding our faith until next year’s February, but the important thing here is that one of the best animated movies from the 90s will open in the UK as a live show very soon. After several productions in the USA (one of which has received the 2019 Regional Theatre Tony Award) and even in Denmark, The Prince of Egypt is getting ready for its next trip, this time to be accomodated at the Dominion Theatre for only 32 weeks.

With music and lyrics by Stephe Schwartz (Wicked, Godspell, Pocahontas…), the production will include 10 new songs specially created for this show, whose repertoire will also gather globally well-known themes such as Deliver UsAll I Ever Wanted and Through Heaven’s Eyes, apart from the Academy Award Winner for Best Original Song If You Believe. The latter, originally sung by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, has become an international hit since its first launch. Its popularity reached another peak in 2007, staying on the top of UK’s charts for three weeks, when Simon Cowell chose it as the winner’s single for that year’s season of The X Factor.

Directed by Scott Schwartz (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and coreographed by Sean Cheesman (So You Think You Can Dance), the show is defined as “a journey through the wonders of Ancient Egypt, where two young men raised as brothers in a kingdom of priviledge will be forced to walk apart from each other due to a secret past. One must rule as the Pharaoh, while the other one must rise up and free his true people. In any case, both will face a fate that will change the course of History forever”. An epic plot, which will also be narrated through the scenes and dialogues of Philip LaZebnik (Mulan, Pocahontas…).

First released in 1998, the film is considered a milestone in film creation, wowing audiences all over the world and having recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Described as “an outstanding artistic achievement” by Variety magazine and “a stunning film” by The Guardian, the movie remains as one of the most beloved and acclaimed animated works of all times.

The Prince of Egypt will have its first UK performance on February 25th 2020. Tickets will be available for purchase from June 3rd at 10 AM (GMT time). For priority information, you can register on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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