‘Zorro – The Musical’ to return in a new immersive production

The show will feature a magic tricks and breathtaking swordfight scenes, apart from some special numbers which will take place outside the auditorium. Scheduled to open in mid-March at Manchester’s Hope Mill Theatre, the musical includes some international hits by The Gypsy Kings, which bring back the legend of the masked hero who only appears where freedom and dignity struggle at their most.

It’s time for bamboleo, it’s time to give the spotlight to the man in the black mask… again! A new production of Zorro, The Gypsy Kings’ musical, is currently in rehearsals and scheduled to open in mid-March. Directed by Christian Durham, this version is conceived as an immersive show – starting with live entertainment and a flamenco party in the foyer before the story continues in Manchester’s Hope Mill Theatre’s auditorium.

Presented by Katy Lipson and John Gertz, the musical has lyrics by Stephen Clark and a book by Stephen Clark and Helen Edmundson, which altogether bring back the legendary adventure where good and evil, love and hate and even brother and brother must confront each other. Promising some exciting scenes with “breathtaking sword fights, tricks and magic and comedy”, apart from a desperate battle within a family, the show features several musical numbers which have gone to become international hits, such as Baila Me and Djobi, Djoba.

Performed by a cast of 16 actors-musicians, the production stars Benjamin Purkiss as the masked hero, apart from Antony Costa as Garcia, Alex Gibson-Giorgio as Ramon, Emma Kingston as Luisa, Genevieve Nicole as Inez and Kit Orton as Don Alejandro. The team is completed by Aajjaz Awad, Amy Bastani, Isobel Bates, Ben Boskovic, Maxwell Griffin, Matthew Heywood, Jessica Pardoe, Thomas Ping, Seren Sandham-Davies and Stylianos Thomadakis.

Zorro – The Musical will play in Machester from March 14th to April 18th. Tickets are already available and can be purchased on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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