We will survive! (Happy World Theatre Day)

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Today we are celebrating one of the most important dates to any true lover of this genre. Despite the special circumstances we are living this year, the theatre still lives among us – also thanks to the collaboration of so many artists. Because nothing can stop our creativity and imagination, join us in this cultural party!

One more year, it’s March 27th again. A meaningless date to so many. To tell the truth, it just means one more day to me too. And I’m confident that the same happens to everyone that loves those stories that take place within the imaginary walls of a stage. March 27th is really just one more day: to reaffirm our feelings, to keep sharing that passion that most of us have probably been born with, and too continue to enjoy what we love the most: the theatre.

However, 2020 has also presented us with the biggest paradox anyone in this business could face: to celebrate this media’s international day without being able to access it – at least, not in the way we normally have. For some weeks now, no character has been treading the boards in any auditorium. Their façades are no longer shining with their vibrant neon lights. The cities, some way or another, have dimmed a little bit, but this hasn’t happened to either fiction or the genre we admire.

It’s been the bravery and determination of so many artists that has allowed the theatre to stay alive, even when we are not allowed to leave our homes: broadcasted plays, recorded musical numbers shared on networks (sometimes, even for free), live concerts from the singers’ houses… It’s become clear that every society’s foundation relies on many pillars – each one indispensable and dependant on the others. Art and entertainment are one of them – I’m sure all these lockdown days have opened the eyes of one or two.

Because on these times, on these extraordinary circumstances, it’s undeniable that culture is not something we can dispend with. We will survive! Happy World Theatre Day!

By Guillermo Názara

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