Disney releases free educational materials from its West End musicals

To help the youngest (and the youngest at heart) to cope with the lockdown, the company has prepared several special family activities related to each of its shows’ storyline. The contents, which can be downloaded from today, are aimed at different age groups and will be joined by new ones soon.

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference where or how you are.  Even if you are on full lockdown, your dreams may still come true. And if not, at least it could get close thanks to the magic of Disney’s classics. Starting today, the company has announced the release of special materials aimed to the little ones (and thoser who think they are still little), so they can still enjoy the allure of their West End shows. Available to be downloaded for free by parents and educators, the contents range from creative writing to even designing your own set model, apart from behind-the-scenes videos and career-oriented podcasts.

Every show has created special activities related to its own storyline, several of which have been designed for a particular age group. For children from 6 to 11, The Lion King offers The Circle of Life (which encourages everyone to make the world a better place), Recycling for Fun (which teaches pratical and entertaining ways to recycle common items) and the opportunity to create their own theatre mask. On the other hand, Aladdin has prepared Storytelling: Setting the Scene in Agrabah (which includes five activities focused on comparing and contrasting two different places in Agrabah and rewriting a scene from the show using a different set or time) and the chance to create a mood board, story board or even a scale model.

From Mary Poppins, Disney has organised three different pastimes: Word Magic (so you can make up the longest word you’ve ever heard by combining all the words and letters you can figure out), Make Your Own Magic (which encourages children to write their own story and even act it out, so they use their imagination to live the most magical experience) and Make a Kite! (one of the most exciting moments from the show can be experienced at home by making your own kite with a paper bag, strings, two sticks, scissors and a ribbon). And of course, Frozen has let go of some of its tricks with an activity aimed at all ages, which includes some printable snowflakes to be coloured – with some fun questions on the back.

The company has confirmed that new contents are on their way and will be announced soon.  More activities aimed at other ages are available from some of the shows. All of Disney’s educational materials can be downloaded from the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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