16 major West End musicals join forces to help during the Coronavirus pandemic

Both legendary and most recent popular shows have allowed their brands to be used on a new T-shirt which advertises support for the theatre. Designed by two friends from a West End props provider company, all the profits will be destined to two organisations which provide financial aid to those theatre professionals whose careers have been affected by the outbreak.

It’s never over the music of the night! And though the sun has set momentarily on the London stage, there’s more than a ghostlight flickering in every theatre – a beacon hope and support that’s gathered some of the most legendary and popular musicals to help their industry during the most difficult times. That is why from today on, everyone can contribute to aid live shows professionals, whose lives have been disrupted by the forced closure caused by the global pandemic.

The Theatre Support Trust, in collaboration with ‘The Show Must Go On’, has designed a new T-shirt featuring the brands of 16 major West End productions, in order to support to the artists and crews whose careers have been temporarily shut down by the coronavirus outbreak. Currently in production (since the social distancing rules have increased the manufacturing times), the profits will be destined to the Acting for Others and the Fleabag Support Fund organisations, which are providing financial aid to those people working in the theatre industry.

Scheduled to be ready for shipping after the Early May Bank Holiday, the project has been put together by two friends, Chris Marcus (who currently runs the West End props provider company ‘Marcus Hall Props’) and Damien Staton, who works as the Assistant Stage Manager as well as on Graphics and Design for the same enterprise. “All the shows and producers are behind the project and have kindly allowed us to use their branding”, said the organisers.  “We’ve aimed to create a unique item with all of these shows side by side, in unity, longing for a time when ‘the show can go on’ again”.

The T-shirts can be order from this morning on at a cost of £14. You can make your purchase on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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