The campaign ‘The Show Must Go On’ raises half a million pounds for charities

The iniative has proven to help thousands of theatre workers since it was set up half a year ago, having received over 40,000 orders from 70 different countries. With the promotional help of theatre legends Christopher Biggins and Bonnie Langford, the team has just launched a brand new range of products for the Christmas holidays.

We usually refer to the theatre as a community, but no one in the last few months has proven it so fiercely as the creators of the now world-recognised campaign The Show Must Go On!. Set up half a year ago by props and sets manufacturers Chris Marcus and Damien Stanton, the initiative aimed to gather enough funds to help several organizations, which provided support to showbusiness professionals who had lost their jobs due to the global pandemic. Now, after receiving over 40,000 orders from 70 different countries and raising 500,000 pounds, the project has shown to be of great help to thousands of workers.

“Every day we become more overwhelmed with the generosity and support of everyone who has supported us on the journey so far”, said Marcus and Staton. “When we set up the campaign, six months ago we didn’t imagine for a moment we would reach a milestone like this. We’d always hoped we would be back working in theatres by this point, so our journey hasn’t ended yet. We will continue to unite and work together to raise monies for these charities to help all of those that have been affected from the pandemic until our theatre doors are open once again”.

On the other hand, as the holidays are approching, new  Christmas merchandise has been launched these days, with the help of theatre legends Christopher Biggins and Bonnie Langford, who spent a whole day with the Theatre Support Fund trying out their latest items. These products include Christmas cards, water bottles, lanyards and hoodies – all of them featuring The Show Must Go On! design, which is an almagamation of 16 West End’s musicals’ logos.

You can purchase any products on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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