Channing Tatum’s ‘Magic Mike Live’ to return to the West End in April

The show will open at London’s Hippodrome Casino in a revamped version that will feature new songs and dance sequences. Created and co-directed by Tatum, the play is an adaptation of the worldwide successful semiautobiographical film. Apart from ensuring all safety measures to abide by the COVID-19 prevention rules, the production will also offer early bookers special complimentary treats to make their experience more immersive.

Prepare to be wowed. And you can take as double entendres as your (insert adjective) mind can make. But the thing is that our jaws can start getting ready to drop when this semiautobiographical story of a male strip club returns to London, at the Hippodrome Casino, in the next few months. The producers of Magic Mike Live, the stage version of Channing Tatum’s worldwide film success, have announced that the show will play from mid-April, in a revamped production that will include both new songs and dance sequences.

“For the last eight months, the team behind Magic Mike Live has been enthusiastically planning the show’s return to the London stage,” says executive producer Vincent Marini. “We have been working to develop a show that prioritises the safety of our employees and guests but also manages to be as fun, electric and unexpected as ever. While it has been a creative challenge to make changes to the show we all love so much, we believe that the finished product, which we are first launching in Sydney next month, will bring a great deal of joy to London at a time when it is sorely needed. We’re going to make the show’s return to the Hippodrome – after 13 long months away – absolutely epic.”

Conceived and co-directed by Tatum himself, this production (only suitable for guests aged 18 and up) will take further steps to make patrons have a more immersive experience. For those booking by December 31st, the tickets will also include a complimentary Prosecco during the first 10 weeks of the show’s run. On the other hand, new VIP packages will be released, which will allow visitors to enjoy all the exciting features the Hippodrome Casino has to offer.

Magic Mike Live will open on April 16th. Tickets, which will be available for booking from December 4th, can be purchased at £79 and £96 on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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