Agatha Christie’s most immersive drama to return to London in August

The critically acclaimed revival of Witness for Prosecution will resume full-capacity performances at Southbank’s iconic London County Hall. Directed by Lucy Bailey (Oleanna, Ghosts, Love From A Stranger), the show tells the unnerving story of a man accused of murdering a widow in cold blood – and his desperate attempt to prove his innocence and escape the highest penalty.

The Queen is back. For not even death can stop the most prolific murderer of all time. Calm down, the monarchs have not gone crazy (at least not in that way…) and we aren’t taking about some sort of blood-thirsty drag zombie. It’s the most succesful crime novelist of all time! Agatha Christie’s puzzling drama Witness for Prosecution is coming back to London this very summer – in a production where each audience member will feel as integrated in the story as the defendant himself. Booking the venue until March next year, the show will reopen to its full capacity, with a cast to be announced in due time.

Premiering to critical acclaim four years ago, the play centers around the case of Leonard Vole, a man accused of coldy murdering a widow to inherit her wealth. Desperate, he will fight for convincing the jury of his innocence and escaping the hangman’s noose. Directed by Lucy Bailey (Oleanna, Ghosts, Love From A Stranger), the piece has already captivated thousands of theatregoers with its enthralling tale of justice, passion and betrayal.

Witness for the Prosecution Gallows nad Auditorium 28.10.17 Photo credit : Sheila Burnett

The show will be performed in a towering courtroom setting, located at the iconic London County Hall in Southbank. Nominated for Best Revival both a the Olivier and WhatsOnStage Awards, the production is designed by William Dudley, with lighting by Chris Davey and sound design by Mic Pool and casting by Ellie Collyer-Bristow CDG.

Witness for Prosecution will play at the The Chamber from August 3rd – performances on Tuesday to Saturday, at 7.30pm and matinees on Thursday and Saturday at 2.30pm and Sunday at 3pm. Tickets can be purchased on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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