Les Dennis, Sherrie Hewson and Jessica Ellis to join Lee Mead in the touring production of ‘Fat Friends’

The theatrical adaptation of ITV’s hit show will be touring the UK and Ireland from the beginning of the next year. With music by Nicholas Lloyd Webber, the production features lyrics by Kay Mellor, who has also directed this version and created the original sitcom. This tour will also reunite Hewson and Dennis on the stage, who first worked together 40 years ago.

You’re in for a treat! Or more likely, a feast. It’s now less than three months for the whole UK (and also Ireland) to gorge on this delicious, suculent, mouthwatering banquet of songs, humour and encouragement. The musical adaptation of Fat Friends is hitting the road next year, but that’s not the only amazing news this production is sharing. After confirming its leading man some months ago, it’s now been announced that musical theatre celebrity Lee Mead will be joined by three delightful companions.

“I am thrilled with the amazing star cast we have assembled for our second outing of Fat Friends The Musical“, says director and lyricist Kay Mellor. “Lee Mead and Jessica Ellis are fantastic performers and will be wonderful as Kevin and Kelly, and it’s great to be welcoming two iconic actors, Sherrie Hewson and Les Dennis, who first worked together 40 years ago and are now reunited on stage”.

Based on the succesful ITV show of the same name starring James Corden and Ruth Jones, the musical revolves around three foodie friends and their Zumba and swimming classes as one of them fantasies of fitting into her wedding dress. Produced by Joshua Andrews and Rollem Productions, the adaptation features music by Nicholas Lloyd Webber, choreography by Karen Bruce, sound by Ben Harrison, lighting by Nick Richings and Orchestrations, Arrangements and Musical Supervision by Simon Lee.

Fat Friends will start performances on January 14th at Datford’s The Orchard Theatre. Tickets and further stops are available on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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