‘The Da Vinci Code’ to premiere as a play starring Nigel Harman and Danny John-Jules

The show will have its world premiere next moth – starting a national tour that will expand throughout the whole year. Directed by Luke Sheppard and adapted for the stage by Duncan Abel and Rachel Wagstaff, this new production intends to push the limits of the audience’s imagination through dynamic storytelling.

Some mysteries are worth keeping… and some others are worth solving again and again! The hype surrounding the Priory of Sion and its long-concealed secret is far from over. Next month, Professor Robert Langdom will go back to lecturing us about encripted messages and unknown historical facts. The Da Vinci Code, one of the most popular (and controversial) tales of recent fiction, is making its comeback – this time in a stage form, featuring and A-list cast.

“Cracking The Da Vinci Code open for the stage reveals an epic thriller steeped in theatrical potential, rich in suspense and surprising at every turn”, explains director Luke Sheppard. “Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel’s brilliant adaptation leaps off the page and demands us to push the limits of our imagination, creating a production that champions dynamic theatrical storytelling and places the audience up close in the heat of this gripping mystery.”

Based on Dan Brown’s smash hit novel, the story revolves around Professor Robert Langdon and fellow cryptologist Sophie Neveu and their nail-biting quest to solve the dark secrets behind the brutal murder of the Louvre’s curator. The tour will begin at the Churchill Theatre and will later visit Nottingham, Sheffield, Bath, Edinburgh, Brighton, Glasgow and Newcastle, among many other locations. The cast, on its side, is completed by Hanna Rose Caton (Sophie), Basienka Blake (Vernet), Alasdair Buchan (Remy) Alpha Kargbo (Fache), Joshua Lacy (Silas), Leigh Lothian (Colette/Sophie understudy), Andrew Lewis (Sauniere) and Debra Michaels (Sandrine/Grandmother).

“I am thrilled that The Da Vinci Code is being adapted for the stage, and excited to see the unique potential of live theatre enhance this story”, says Brown. “The team making the production has been faithful to the book, but will also bring something new for the audience, in what is certain to be a gripping, fast-paced stage thriller and a thoroughly entertaining show.”

The Da Vinci Code will start performances on January 10th and will keep on tour until November 12th 2022. Tickets are available on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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