‘Doctor Who’ inmersive experience announces 15 new cast members for its extended run

At first scheduled to close by mid-April, the amazing audience response has led the show to stay open until the end of summer. Based on the acclaimed BBC franchise, this new mesmerising production turns the viewers into the very heroes of the story – taking them through a journey of 17 different worlds through intricate sets and a huge company made of 38 actors.

“There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t act childish sometimes”. And what better way to be a kid than letting your imagination run wild when surrendered by whimsies and make-believe? There’s only one art form that can bring those long-forgotten goosebumps and let your innocence flourish once again: live entertainment. And here’s one to top your list of daydreaming fabrication. What happens when one of the BBC’s most-beloved franchises meets the theatre? Then you’re in for quite a stagey treat! Enter Doctor Who: Time Fracture, a rollercoaster journey through 17 different worlds due to end in mid-April… Well, not anymore – since the overwhelming audience response has extended the escapade for quite a few extra months!

In the heart of London’s West End, this enveloping production takes fans to the core of the story, plunging them into an unceasable ride through time and space. Turning them into the very heroes of the plot – the viewers will step around realistic sets while they must try to save the universe. To help them achieve such epic milestone, a new 15-member cast has just been made official, and includes Nathan Banks, Georgia Corrigan, Matthew Coulton, Evangeline Dickson, Sarah Farrell, William Frazer, Aimee Kember, Jacob Jackson, Owen Jenkins, Linn Johansson, Jamie Pigott, Jonathan Tynan-Moss, Ash Weir, Helena Westerman and Alastair Willy. All of them will be joined by 23 additional actors, already members of the company, among whom we’ll find Edward Cartwright, Paul Croft, Myles Devonte or Daniel Dingsdale.

“Performing in Doctor Who Time Fracture is a non-stop adventure and we are as delighted to welcome new company members as we are grateful to those moving on to pastures new”, says Brian Hook, Chief Creative Officer, Immersive Everywhere. “There are so many fun roles in the show with company members taking on multiple parts and donning a fabulous array of costumes. It requires so much energy and enthusiasm, as well as keen wits, to make this show work and we can’t wait to see our new friends in action”.

Dr. Who: Time Fracture plays at London’s UNIT HQ Theatre until September now. Performances take place at several time slots a day from Wednesday to Sunday. Tickets can be purchased on the following link.

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