10 West End shows you just can’t miss this summer

Here come the holidays! And once again we’re taken by this yearning desire for exploring new worlds and forget about the duties of our everyday lives (though the latter may not be only now). But as your inner theatre geek knows, it’s not only through travelling that you can witness the most remarkable things happening only a few feet away from you. Either if you’re visiting or are a regular, we’ve prepared a list of 10 productions you mustn’t let go of if you’re in London this summer.

The Phantom of the Opera. 35 years young and still running, the fully refurbished production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s worldwide phenomenon is a definite must-see even for those who have already seen it over 200 hundred times. Enhanced effects, improved sets and a spectacular bigger and whimsically beautiful chandelier towering over a completely restored majestic venue make of this West End classic one of the trendiest novelties in all of theatreland.

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From Monday to Saturday at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Tickets are available on this link.

Back to the Future. Great Scott, they’ve made a musical out of the sci-fi franchise! Even a greater achievement than creating a time machine from a Delorian is transforming this 80s fave into a stage show. And they succeeded beyond Dr. Emmet Brown’s wildest (and craziest) dreams. Masterfully written lyrics and music and some very impressive illusions, Back to the Future (Olivier Award winner for Best Musical in 2022) will bring back the goosebumps you felt the first time you went to the theatre!

Watch our interview with the lead cast here.

From Wednesdays to Mondays at the Adelphi Theatre. Tickets are available on this link.

Life of Pi. From the wonders and beauty to the most fearsome side of nature. First the book, then the film and now the amazing stage show that has mesmerized audiences and critics alike. An imaginative mix of both modern and traditional theatre techniques, this multi-awarded play is one the most jaw-drapping montages currently running in London’s theatreland. Compelling storytelling and excellent acting complete the long list of reasons why this shipwrecking tale has become of one of the most recommended and talked about plays of the season.

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From Wednesdays to Mondays at the Wyndham’s Theatre. Tickets are available on the following link.

Witness for the Prosecution. See you in court! LITERALLY. Though one of Agatha Christie’s most succesful and adapted plays of her career, never before have you experienced it like this. At the heart of London’s most vibrant entertainment hub, this chilling tale of a man facing capital punishment takes immersiveness to a whole new dimension, by dragging you into theirs and erasing the line between stage and audience in an actual English courtroom. Intoxicating performances, intense pace and exquisitely coreographed transitions, you don’t need more evidence to know what your verdict will be.

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From Tuesday to Sunday at the London County Hall. Tickets are available on the following link.

2:22. Do you believe in ghosts? Spiritual people will tell you we truly never cease to exist, while scientifist will argument it’s just our minds playing tricks on us. But what’s the truth? The answer may be awaiting through the scenes of this nail-biting play currently starring international star Tom Felton. Humour, romance, a bit of melancholy and of course horror join forces to take us into this uncertain journey into the unknown. But once you’re given the answer, remember to keep the secret!

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From Tueday to Sunday at the Criterion Theatre. Tickets available on the following link.

Grease. Summer days drifting away to, oh, oh, the summer nights (or matinees). For decades, a classic, this new version of the beloved 70s musical will no doubt become one of your faves, either if you’re a fan of the show or not. Currently featuring Jason Donovan for a few more weeks as the Teen Angel and Peter Andre as Vince Fontain, this visually imposing production brings the house down with its staggering cast. Extraordinary voices and over-the-roof coreographs, you’ll have a hard time trying not to join them!

From Monday to Saturday at the Dominion Theatre. Tickets are available on the following link.

Matilda. When I grow up, when I grow up… I’ll love the theatre so much! If you have kids and you’re thinking of their first live show experience, look no further. Roah Dahl’s enchanting narrative jumps off the pages into this fantasy musical prepared to wow the little ones – and make the little ones onstage wow the grownups in the audience. Now celebrating 10 years in the West End, Matilda is a perfect choice for those searching for light-hearted all-family entertainment.

From Tuesday to Sunday at the Cambridge Theatre. Tickets are available on the following link.

Mad House. Nothing like a good family reunion to enjoy the misery of life! Theresa Rebeck’s first West End original is probably one the finest works currently on display in London’s theatreland. Starring Stranger Things star David Harbour and stage veteran Bill Pullman, this thoughtful exploration of human flaws and motivations is the ultimate treat for those looking for insight, reflection and quite a bit of dark humour all combined.

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From Tuesday to Sunday at the Ambassadors Theatre. Tickets available on the following link.

Les Misérables. Do you hear the people sing? Say, do you hear a distant drum? It is the music of a show to which all should come! Boublil and Schöenberg’s worldwide acclaimed adaptation of Victor Hugo’s masterpiece continues to draw new fanbases into the gloomy and heroic times of 19th-century France. Now featuring the updated 25th-anniversary set design, also including new blocking, pacing and orchestrations, this improved production will make you dream the dream again at least one more time.

Read our review here.

From Tuesday to Sunday at the Sondheim Theatre. Tickets available on the following link.

The Play That Goes Wrong. Nothing like a cheap production played by unskilled non-professional actors through an evening of continous misfortunes to delight in the wonders of theatrical artform… and comedy! Absolutely hilarious, Mischief’s most famous creation is still making audiences roar since its original opening back 2014 – now featuring a new… let’s say, struggling… cast!

Read our review here.

From Tuesday to Sunday at the Duchess Theatre. Tickets are available on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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