West End’s new theatre Soho Place announces its first production

Nimax Theatre’s fully modernised upcoming venue will begin its first season in mid-October, bringing to London a montage by the New Vic based on a real life story. Narrating the achievements of Neil Baldwin, who has also collaborated in the writing of the script, the play is an inspiring tale about following your dreams and overcoming any obstacle that gets in that way.

Everyone was talking, everyone was wondering, everyone was speculating – and now, everyone can know! After all the hype coming from the disclosure of a brand new state-of-the-art venue blossoming in the heart of London, we finally get to learn which show is having the honour of starting its first season – set to begin in mid-October. In collaboration with the New Vic, today the Soho House has made official that Marvellous, a play dealing with the struggles in life leading to the most amazing outcome, has been chosen as its opening production.

“Marvellous is precisely that, marvellous. A wonderful production of a heartwarming and uplifting tale about an extraordinary man who decided he would lead an exceptional life. And against all the odds, he has and does”, says producer and theatre owner Nica Burns. “As we open our new theatre in-the-round, we are honoured to be collaborating with and learning from the expertise of the New Vic’s amazing team.”

Based upon the real inspiring life story of Neil Baldwin, its plot is an uplifting cautionary tale of overcoming any obstacle and staying true to your dreams. As somebody growing up in the less enlightened 50s, nobody expected Neil to be successful, let alone marvellous. But fate had other plans in mind for him, which would take him from becoming a famous clown to receiving an honourary degree from Keel University, appearing on the Queen’s New Year list and even receiving BAFTA award for the film made about his journey. Directed by Theresa Heskins and written by Malcom Clarke along with Baldwin and Heskins, the play reminds us that the only real hurdles are the ones we let into ourselves, for we must always try simply to go out and make it happen.

“When Stephen Joseph proposed this new format of theatre-in-the-round in 1962, in a pamphlet called ‘Planning for new forms of theatre’, he described it as “the simplest and most vital form of theatre”, says Heskins. “That’s certainly the case with Marvellous. Neil’s simple and vital story has inspired so many. He has a talent for happiness that’s infectious. His is a story of joy and sadness; of realising dreams; of belonging and othering; of how labels both limit us and protect us; of what constitutes a hero – and why we need them. It’s a play that is as straightforward, direct, and sunny as Neil is: it will fill audiences with optimism, bring people together and spread happiness”.

Marvellous will start previews on 15 October and will run until 26 Novemeber – with its official premiere on 20 October. Tickets are available on the following link.

Find out more about the new Soho Place here.

By Guillermo Názara

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