Explore the depths of the newly refurbished Shaftesbury Theatre

Join us in our private tour through the backstage and most recent innovations of one of West End’s most historically rich venues. From beneath the stage to a walk from the flies, get to know what’s on in front and behind the scenes of & Juliet’s home through our exclusive photo-documentary!

At the merge of Soho and Covent Garden (though for some reason listed in the Borough of Camden), an impressive façade of monumental beauty towers over the busy roads of Shaftesbury Avenue and High Holborn. Constructed over a century ago, in 1911, the building is home to History of many kinds: the fate of one of the most cosmpolitan cities in the world, the wonders and terrors of better and worse times (including the war), and above all, the arrival and departure of thousands of stories – the ones played on its stage, and the ones starring the people who came to see them.

The Shaftesbury Theatre continues to be one of the greates landmarks in London’s theatreland. Currently home to the musical comedy & Juliet (don’t miss our review on the show here), the place has undergone extensive refurbishment all around, which will allow not only for more spectacular and complex productions (now featuring a new fly tower able to hold over 30 tons), but also new facilities to improve guests’ experience before and during the show.

Developed by Brennes Associates, new spaces include bars and work areas apart from better accessibility and comfort in the auditorium (as all of the seats are to be changed for taller more egornomic ones in due time).  Among them, it will include:

  • The refashioning of the auditorium, providing separation between the Stalls and new spaces
  • The new 1911 Stalls bar, celebrating the Theatre’s opening year. This new bar is approximately 26 metres long and 7 metres wide and 3.5 metres below street level, which will offer a two-people menu (total price 25 pounds) as a lunch / dinner opportunity right before the performance.
  • The Taffner Suite for private hospitality, in honour of Don Taffner Sr.
  • New toilets; 29 ladies, 23 gents and 2 accessible
  • Re-roofing to include energy efficient insulation
  • A state-of-the-art air conditioning system using heat capture to reduce energy costs
  • An overhaul of the historic ceilings including working platforms in the technical void above the dome ceiling
  • A lift that allows people with mobility difficulties to access the Stalls
  • 13 spaces for wheelchairs; with new removable seats that will eventually replace all seats throughout the auditorium
  • New stores, offices and a kitchen. 

But if all of these pictures have not fulfilled your theatre-craving appetite (some of them may have even triggered more of some other kind), don’t miss the insights of the & Juliet production. And as we move around and beneath the stage from the wings into the wardrobe area and the orchestra pit, we hope you’ve enjoyed this trip to the future of a place that’s already conquered the past and present.

All pictures credited to Guillermo Názara.

& Juliet plays from Monday to Saturday. Tickets are available on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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