‘The Woman in Black’ to play its final performance after 33 years in the West End

The show will finalize its run by the beginning of March, leaving a long legacy as one of the most succesful plays in London history. Adapted for the stage by Stephen Mallatratt from Susan Hill’s novel, the story revolves around an old house inhabited by the ghost of its past owner, who takes revenge at everyone who spots her.

Everything in life ends – even when we’re talking about ghosts. For over 3 decades, The Woman in Black has been a triumphant milestone in the British theatre – for years, holding the record of the second longest-running play in the West End. But all story needs a conclusion and, though surely it will keep haunting hearts (and triggering one or two nightmares), producers have announced today that Stephen Mallatratt’s uncanny piece will play for the last time on Saturdary 4 March 2023.

“The Woman in Black’s miraculous theatricality has never faltered. Out of a gauze, a wicker skip and a door Stephen Mallatratt and Robin Herford conjured a complete world into which generations of young people have entered, surrendering to the ultimate magic of theatre: their own imaginations”, says producer Peter Wilson. “However, the economic reality of attracting so many young people has caught up with us in a world of rising prices”.

Julian Forsyth (Arthur Kipps) and Matthew Spencer (The Actor) in The Woman In Black, @ Fortune Theatre (Taken 01-06-2022)

“Since commissioning Stephen Mallatratt to write me a ghost story for Christmas to present for three and a half weeks at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Autumn of 1987, The Woman in Black has been a significant part of my life for a third of a century – and counting!”, says director Robin Herdford. “Leaving The Fortune is the end of a significant chapter in the story of The Woman in Black. It has been a privilege to have stewardship of this theatre with its wonderful staff in which to tell Susan’s devastating story in the highly original and imaginative manner in which Stephen conceived it for the stage”.

Based on the novel by Susan Hill, the play tells the frightening tale of an old house inhabited by the vengeful ghost of its past owner, whose appearance dooms the fate of those who encounter her. With designs by Michael Holt and lighting by Kevin Sleep, the production currently stars Julian Forsyth as Arthur Kipps and Matthew Spencer as The Actor.

The Woman In Black plays from Tuesday to Saturday at London’s Fortune Theatre. Tickets are available on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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