Review of Miz Cracker’s ‘Who’s Holiday’: “Baffling Irreverent Touching Crooked Hasty”

Rupaul’s Drag Race’s most lovelable (only kidding…) contestant has left the catwalk for the more glamourous setting of a tiny trailer in the middle of snowy nowhere. Guillermo Názara tells us his vision about this uplifting story about a friendless Christmas party, to share with us the joy and wonder of the show’s holiday spirit.

The winterly bells are beginning to chime
Announcing the start of the holiday time
The streets get studded with fervour and light
Immersing their guests in pure glee and delight
All kinds have been welcome - the dull and the sage
And also the weirdos who love things onstage
There's opera and ballet, there's dance, gigs and plays 
And also big musicals - if your daddy pays
The seasonal offer might be worth a try
Not all that you go to can be Life of Pi
There's all sorts of options, from shameful to brag
And something in store too, if you are a f*g
Cuz if you feel grinchy, girl, no need to go!
You always could come see Miz Cracker's new show

She's shady and catty, she's vile and obscene
A match for c*nt lovers - if you know what I mean
She's throwing a party for loved ones and friends
But, hun, I don't think you'll enjoy how this ends
For nobody's coming - she's there, all alone
So she'll tell her story, sitting shag on her throne
It's a plot about passion, romance and good will
And a small dose of murder - for the holiday thrill!
It's all done in rhyme - hence this lovely review
B*tch, you're not the sole bard - I can do this too!

The writing is sassy, with spice, zest and sparks
Don't like it? She'll say where to shove your remarks
That's not me being jokey - watch out for this fact!
Cuz strong chances are you'll be called to interact
And as for the set, it's light but well-blent
The way, I believe, that would suit this event
I'm sure you will cheer for it's all in good fun
But you may be surprised how soon this show is done!
That may be the problem, regarding its pace
It needs to last longer so as to hold the ace
And there's one more wart to its w-hole, I'm afraid
A bit more variety would serve as good aid
She's not just an actress - she dances and sings
Why not do this more so she can spread her wings?
Some musical numbers all scattered around
Are key for this piece to get high off the ground
This lady can stand out - do let her perform!
A full scale variety is, for drag queens, the norm

Yet this won't prevent you from having a laugh
You'll probably say: 'Hey, I just can't get enough'
For it's still a nice evening, it holds a fair score 
You'll be pleased you have stepped your feet through her door...
I don't think there's much more for me now to say
Except that for this drag it's well worth the pay
But before my goodbye, one last piece of advice
For you will be grateful I've opened your eyes
Buy only good tickets - for your sake and your view
Or you will get scolded - that's a thing she will do
I send you glad tidings, a kiss and a smile
And wish you some coarse blast - if that is your style!

Who’s Holiday plays at London’s Southwark Playhouse from Monday to Saturday until 7 January. Tickets are available on the following link.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

By Guillermo Názara

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