Cirque du Soleil’s latest show to become its most successful production in London

Only two weeks away from concluding its run at the Royal Albert Hall, this new montage has already sold over 200 thousand tickets. Inspired by the aesthetics of the Victorian era, this incredible display of talent and spectacularity features, among others, 6 new acts never seen before in the UK.

It is part of the American temperament to foresee everything in business – even failure. We might need to make an exception to Jules Verne’s assumptions in From the Earth to the Moon, as during this season his fellow Frenchmen have proven their ability not only to predict but to exceed expectations. Only a couple of weeks away from finishing its run at the Royal Albert Hall, this steampunk extravaganza is celebrating more than a triumphant stay but also a milestone achievement – turning into the company’s most lucrative production of all the ones put together in this city.

Having sold almost almost 210 000 tickets, Kurious: Cabinet of Curiosities is a blast of talent and spectacularity – featuring imposing acrobatics, breathtaking performances and an alluring set design emulating the grandeur of the Victorian era and 19th century industrial revolution. Including 13 different acts, six of which never seen before in the UK, this incredible montage has been seen by over 4.5 million viewers in 30 cities worldwide – with over 2,000 performances.

Set in an alternative yet familiar past, this astounding parade of showmanship is an homage to dreams and the power of imagination – all of it happening  inside the mechanical lab of an inventor convinced that there exists a hidden, invisible world – a place where the craziest ideas await. The overall run of Kurios, on the other hand, marks the 26th year that Cirque du Soleil has performed at this venue – having taken the stage over 1,200 times and having sold almost 3.8 million tickets since 1996.

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All pictures credit to Andy Paradise.

Kurios, Cabinet de Curiosites plays at London’s Royal Albert Hall from Wednesday to Sunday until 5 March. Tickets are available on the following link.

By Guillermo Nazara

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