‘Phantom of the Opera’ third installment to premiere in the West End next year

Producers have announced today that a new sequel is being developed by the original writing team with an additional collaboration by James Cameron. Set in a dystopian universe 500 hundreds years after the original plot, the new musical will combine Gaston Leroux’s narrative with elements from The Terminator franchise.

And do we dream again? For now, we find The Phaaaaaaaaantom of the Opera is back! And not just on our minds! Fans of the Andrew Lloyd Webber international hit musical can start the celebrations and dusting off their gowns and tuxedos, because the most haunting love story in the West End is bound to have a whole new chapter. Today, producers have announced that the original writing duo (completed by lyricist Charles Hart) have teamed up again to write the third installment of the theatre franchise. This time also partnering up with Universal Studios, their new creation will also be influenced by a most exciting addition, as legendary director and writer James Cameron will be in charge of the plot and book.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the allure and mystique of Gaston Leroux’s iconic novel”, says Cameron. “Being a huge fan of the musical and its delightful score myself, I still have to pinch myself every time I think I’ll be collaborating in the making of this new part. Fans can rest assured that we will take extra care for their characters and their journey. We want to respect both what Leroux and of course Andrew and Charles created, which has been treasured by the hearts of so many people around the world for years and years to come!”.

Set in a dystopian universe 500 hundred years after the initial storyline, the musical stars The Phantom in a hybrid cyborg version of his younger self. Still obsessed with the only woman he could ever love, he will bring Christine back to life through hologram technology – a new skill he’s perfected while overcoming the tyrannical government of Lord Destructon and being crowned as king of the underworld.

Phantom III – Hasta La Vista, Prima Donna will begin performances in summer next year, with the exact dates and cast to be confirmed in due time. Tickets, for those who would like to buy it, will also be available soon.

By Guillermo Nazara

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