Drag queen Bianca del Río joins the cast of West End’s ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’

For a limited period of time, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race will join the production that has seduced audiences and critics alike with its simple message about dreams bound to become true. With previous musical theatre credits such as Gypsy, Cabaret or Rent, Roy Halock (aka Bianca) will be the first genuine drag queen to play sensational and crazy Loco Chanelle, as well as to explore a second role due to his alter ego, Hugo.

Now it’s clear that everyone will really be talking about Jamie – though maybe more about his adventure partner… or more precisely, his rival on a high heel race? Anyway, if you didn’t have a reason to go see this musical, maybe the magnetism from the winner of Rupaul’s contest may drag you into London’s Apollo Theatre. For a limited period of time, Roy Halock (also known as his character Bianca del Río) will be part of one of the newest most succesful productions in the West End, in a role just as big as his eyelashes: Loco Chanelle.

“I’m absolutely ecstatic to be joining the brilliant cast of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie! What better way to return to the musical theatre stage than in a WEST END production?!”, says Halock. “It’s such an incredible honour.  Helen Mirren beat me to playing Queen Elizabeth, so I accepted the role of the next best admired queen… Loco Chanelle!”. Producer Nica Burns has also expressed her excitement for having a real drag queen playing this role for the first time. “Bianca Del Rio is a queen amongst queens, a world famous, RuPaul’s Drag Race winner.  While dazzling us as Loco Chanelle, she will also be channelling her inner actor in the double role of Hugo”.

Since his coronation in RuPaul’s Drag Race, Haylock has starred in three stand-up shows on international tours – with most of its performances sold out. Also, he has starred in two feature films (Hurricane Bianca and Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate, both available in Netflix) and published his first book, Blame It On Bianca Del Rio: The Expert on Nothing With an Opinion on Everything. Currently, he is on tour with his fourth stand-up comedy, It’s Jester Joke, which will be performed in such renowned venues like New York’s Carnegie Hall and London’s Wembley Arena. Regarding his previous musical theatre credits, he has played Miss Mazeppa in Gypsy, the Emcee in Cabaret and Angel in Rent.

The plot centers around 16-year-old Jamie New. Jamie lives on a council state in Sheffield. Jamie does not quite fit in. Jamie is afraid of the future… Jamie is bound to be a sensation! Supported by his friend and mum, Jamie will overcome prejudice, beat the bullies and come out of darkness to stand on the spotlight. With music by Dan Gillespie Sells (The Feeling) and libretto by Tom MacRae, this musical has wowed audiences and critics alike with a message so simple as powerful: sixteen is the edge of possibility, it’s the time to make your dreams come true.

Bianca del Río will perform in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie from May 6th to June 29th. Tickets can be purchased on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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