‘Mamma Mia!’ celebrates 20 years in London in a very special way

The most sucessful jukebox musical in the last decades has launched an exclusive offer throughout April to commemorate its long-running stay in the West End. Composed by ABBA’s greatest hits, the show has been seen by more than 65 million viewers and translated into 16 languages in 50 different versions. The next ones include a UK and international tour, as well as new permanent productions in Korea, Berlin and Denmark.

Here we go again! That’s exactly what Londoners must think every time the most popular jukebox musical in recent times prolongs its season year after year. And though it’s no surprise to anyone that ABBA’s songs keep receiving ovations every night, there’s no doubt that turning two decades in the West End is a milestone just a few can boast about. Great occasions like this just can’t be chiquititas, so Mamma Mia! wants to share its success like a good dancing queen. From tomorrow, the show’s birthday, viewers will be able to purchase tickets from 20 pounds, an offer which will be available throughout April – but that’s not the only news!

Mamma Mia! keeps finding more homes around the world, currently getting ready for their upcoming openings. Nowadays, apart from the original London version, the show is also being played in German in its Germany, Austria and Switzerland tour and in Dutch in Utrecht. Next productions include an UK and international tour, apart from permanent versions in Korea, Berlin and Denmark. The British show has also extended a new booking period, from September 16th of 2019 to March 7th of 2020.

Through the hits that led the Swedish pop group to make History, the plot centers around Sophie, a young 20-year-old girl, who finds out she might have three possible dads after stealing her mother’s diary. One month before getting married, she sends the invitations to each one of them as if they had been written by her mother – but of course, she does not know. That will be the beginning of an exciting journey filled with humour, lots of energy and many surprises.

With book by Catherine Johnson, the current London cast includes Sara Poyzer (Donna), Richard Trinder (Sam), Neil Moors (Harry), Stephen Beckett (Bill), Lucy May Barker (Sophie), Kate Graham (Tanya) and Ricky Butt (Rosie). To date, Mamma Mia! has been seen by more than 65 million people and translated into 16 languages in 50 different productions around the world. With more than 2 billion dollars at the box office since its opening day, it is the first Western musical to be performed in China, apart from beating records with its two film adaptations.

You can purchase the special 20th anniversary tickets at Today Tix (both at the app and the website) or in person at the Novello Theatre’s box office.

By Guillermo Názara

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