Four West End stars to gather in a special musical theatre concert this month

Acclaimed performers Earl Carpenter, John Owen Jones, Kerry Ellis and Katie Hall will be singing together in this 90-minute show, which will play in Stocksfield and Warwick for a very limited run. The event, which is also produced by Carpenter, is designed to guarantee all the necessary health precautions, since audience members will sit in designated areas separated from other guests.

He’s here – The Phantom of the Opera… But he’s not alone, for at last her muse has returned to him. Look at her – she’s wicked! And just by her side, Jean Valjean has been brought home. No, we’re not talking about a musical theatre crossover. Also, the hardcore fans who are reading this can stay calm – the classics are not being tampered with. But some of the most renowned actors and singers who have portrayed all this beloved characters are joining forces to bring Britain’s most succesful genre back to the stage.

Enter Voices of the West End, a 90-minute gig featuring acclaimed performers Earl Carpenter and John Owen Jones (both of whom have starred in Phantom and Les Misérables) as well as Kerry Ellis (London and Broadway’s Elphaba in Wicked) and Katie Hall (Christine in Phantom). Designed to guarantee social distancing and all the other health precautions, audience members will roped-off 3-meter square area, which can only be occupied by a maximum of 4 people. The delimitated places, on the other hand, will just be sold to up to 2 different households or supports bubble, which will be allocated on arrival. Tickets for exclusive 2-people seats are also available.

“I have to say it was really quite emotional for me”, claims Carpenter, who also serves as the show’s producer. “To see five months of work come to fruition, to be singing live again and to hear the most incredible reaction at the end of our little concert was worth all the grey hairs I’ve developed! The support we’ve had from the venues we are visiting and the theatre box offices and technical companies we’re partnering with is overwhelming. They’ve all commented on how positive this project is for their own teams.”

The concert will play at the Bywell Hall (Stocksfield) on September 19th (tickets available here) and at the British Motor Museum (Warwick) on the 25th, 26th and 27th. Tickets for the latter can be purchased on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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