Sherlock Holmes to return in a new online immersive theatrical experience

Baker Street’s iconic detective will be the main theme of Les Enfants Terribles’ next project, which will provide audiences with an online multisensorial adventure. Centered around the mysterious deaths of three members of the parliament, the show will allow the public to plunge into Arthur Conan Doyle’s Victorian universe by offering the challenge of solving the enigma by themselves.

Nothing like murder, gloom and mystery to have a jolly good time! Don’t worry, we’re not part of a cult (at least, not of that kind), we’re just referring to Les Enfants Terribles’ next production. It’s not regular theatre, it’s not a recorded performance, it’s something beyond and somehow greater, since the company is offering an enveloping online show that, according to its creators, “blurs the lines between theatre, gaming, escape room and board game”.

Enter Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Hung Parliament, a multi-sensorial experience which will take audiences to the very heart of Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic character’s world in Victorian London. Written by Oliver Lansley and Anthony Spargo and inspired by the 2016 live show The Games’ Afoot, the story revolves around the strange assassinations of three members of the court (the Home Secretary, the Foreign Secretary and the Lord Chamberlain), all of which have been found hung. As the newest recruits of Scotland Yard, the public will have to jump to their own conclusions and do their own investigation by interviewing suspects, reading reports, seeking hidden clues and research old facts. But be careful to solve the puzzle before time runs out!

This new theatrical product, which is suitable for people over 12, is the result of Les Enfants Terribles’ 15-year know-how on immersive live shows, which is now expanding onto the ‘whodunnit’ genre. “Our hope and desire with this experience is to offer a fun and engaging alternative to the traditional board game!”, said Lansley and Spargo. “We wanted to provide an alternative and enjoyable way for families and friends to be able to come together to crack the case and enjoy a new form of theatrical entertainment during this time and also bring back some connectivity to live entertainment which has sorely been missing over the last year”.

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Hung Parliament will premiere on January 27th. Tickets for an extended run (since the original one -scheduled until February 17th- is currently sold out) will be available in due course. Further information for these new bookings is availble on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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