‘Bonnie & Clyde’ musical to have its West End premiere in April

Following an incredibly successful concert at the Drury Lane, the show is to open London by the beginning of April – its tickets available for sale from next week on. Written by iconic lyricist Don Black and with music by Frank Windhorn, the piece tells the historical tale of con couple Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, and their restless crave for fame and excitement through crime.

They used to say no performer (and maybe no theatre lover either) was to go to heaven. As long as we’re all guilty, how about we raise a little more hell onstage? Well, our prayers (or invocation) have been answered, for one of the blood-thirstiest musicals on Broadway is now aiming its bullets across the ocean. After its phenomenally successful concert at Covent Garden’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane (which sold out in only six minutes), the musical adaptation of America’s most wanted con couple is bound to put down roots in the West End.

“The show has become so loved by people in the ten years since it was on Broadway”, says legendary Tony and Oliver Award winning lyricist Don Black. “In fact, in one year we had something ridiculous like 60 productions going all over America, so we knew that people liked it – and now our time has come for London”. “The show has built such a wonderful cult following, especially with younger audiences”, explains composer Frank Windhorn. “The only thing the British love more than Americans on stage, is America’s behaving badly on stage!”, concluded book writer Ivan Menchell.

Directed by Nick Winston (whose previous credits include the film Tomorrow Morning, MAME, The Royal Variety Performance), the show is set during the Great Depression, in which Texan small-town nobodies Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker seek to abandon their mundane existences for the fame and excitement of a criminal life. Risk, love and adventure all combined in a soon-to-end roller coaster – all of which narrated through some well-known tunes such as Raise A Little Hell, This World Will Remember Me and Made In America. Presented by the DLAP Group, the production also features set and costume designs by Philip Whitcomb (Atlantis, Stones In His Pockets, MAME).

Bonnie & Clyde – The Musical will open at London’s Arts Theatre on Saturday 9th of April. Tickets will be available on priority on-sale from Monday 24th of January and general on-sale from Friday 28 th of January on the following link.

By Guillermo Názara

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