5 theatre additions you can’t let go of for your Christmas plans

Somebody’s been good this year! Though better not to find in which way… Whatever the case, the holiday spirit has really got into us this season! And that is why apart from our original 12 days of Christmas theatre post, we have prepared this new special entry featuring the most exciting shows – the kind you’d better not pass on unless you want to be moved to the naughty list (and we’re not referring to Santa’s).

1. Mamma Mia, The Party

You can dance, you can daaaaaance! That’s no quote. Well, it is. But it’s also what you can actually do. Prepare yourself for the most epic party in the history of Greece (screw the Olympics, smartasses). Located within the imposing magnitude of London’s O2 Centre, ABBA’s unforgettable repertoire returns in its best theatrical form ever. Over the course of a 4-course traditional dinner, three acts of laughs, spectacularity and, overall, music and fun are to literally surround you – in the allure of a Mediterranean villa by the shores of Kalokairi. No need to travel to the Greek Islands anymore!

Read our interview with the cast on this link.

2. Newsies

Nothing like the music of Alan Menken to go from zero to Santa Fe in a couple of chords! Based on the popular 90s film, this new production at London’s Troubadour Wembley Park will make your jaw plummet through its staggering immersive staging and over-the-top choreographies. With lyrics by Jack Feldman and book by acting sensation and Broadway regular Harvey Fierstein, this show is the ultimate Disney gift of the season.

Tickets for Newsies are available on the following link.

3. The Lost Lending Library

Do you believe in books? Not the ones that lie on regular shelves (well, those too), but we’re talking about a different kind of books… and libraries. Produced by the immersive shows veteran company Punchdrunk Enrichment and located at Tottenham’s Bernie Grant Arts Centre, kids and parents are guaranteed to experience the most exciting adventure – by starring in this tale they will write and live by themselves through the power of their imagination. Only until next week!

Tickets for this show are available on the following link.

4. Fawlty Towers, The Dining Experience

Nothing like being insulted by a ill-tempered hotelier, harrassed by his wife and having you patience tried (to the impossible level) by a broken English speaking waiter to get into the Christmas vibe of peace and gratitude. Based on the 70s television hit by Monthy Python, your opportunity to enjoy a jolly good meal at the most incompetent of restaurants carries on (now in its 10th anniversary) at the very heart of Holborn. But watch out for the contents of your food!

Tickets for the show are available on the following link.

Witness for the Prosecution Taken on 29th March 2022, London

5. Witness for the Prosecution

For those with a bleaker or more inquisitive taste, solving a murder mystery set in 1940s London may be the answer for their prayers… Taking place in an actual courtroom in the vibrancy of London’s Southbank, Agatha Christie’s famouse play reaches a new level of masterpiece through its involving staging and marvellous acting. Get to be part of the jury and make a wise verdict. But remember, when it comes to Christie, it’s sensible not to judge a book by its cover.

Read our review on the show here!

By Guillermo Názara

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